Healing therapy

How did I begin healing? – just a coincidence?

I travelled with my friend on a train to a festival in the Czech town of Kutná hora. He suddenly felt warmth and vibrations that spread from me towards his ankle. The pain in his ankle disappeared, the swelling too– it was a surprise for both of us. There was no intent, it just happened.

I began to indulge this practice and over the course of time treated some patients, had a lot of fun and made new friends and acquiantances. After a while, I added a holotropic breathing technique which was also an interesting experience and a source of information on the expanded state of consciousness and its healing potential.

Altered states of consciousness

Sleeping, meditation, healing trance – These are altered states of consciousness.

There is no need to be afraid of them, they can have a very beneficial effect on the psyche and the physical body.

They can be induced using various techniques or can appear spontaneously.

I´m not talking about states brought about by drugs – this is a special area described in the literature of very a different type /e.g. LSD psychotherapy of S.Grof)